Brown River Sand
Brown River Sand

This sand is very popular throughout the Caribbean. It is a very hard sand with  a Psi's measurement above 14000 psi. In Suriname and Guyana it was used in major Bridge construction and is used daily in concrete block making, sand blasting, casting and is a major component in local concrete mixes.

In Trinidad & Tobago and Mexico it is not widely known yet and Tibiti will be introducing it as another important product. It is priced the same as White Silica Sand, but is a much stronger material. Samples are available and large quantities will be on special order only, till such time we feel stock pilling is warranted.

Brown River Sand is mined by dredger in Suriname's fresh water rivers and thus contains no salt content whatsoever. It contains many different types of hard rock components such as granite, which gives it the strength wanted by block makers.