Board of Directors 

John E. Van Dyke, Director & CEO

Mr. Van Dyke a seasoned executive and an international investment banking expert with over 35 years of experience around the globe. He is an authority on finance and project management.

He is the founder of TBT and million seller Business Author. John has assembled a team of industry experts to help grow Tibiti Minerals into a International supply powerhouse and Regional industry leader.

Robert Dinning,Director & CFO

Mr. Dinning brings with him 45 yrs of accounting and business experience globally. He has been on the board of many publicly traded companies over the years and still serves on some.

He has a wealth of experience in public accounting, administration and management. He is also well versed in regards to Stock Exchange regulations, licensing  and procedures and is a board member & CFO of TBT. 

Derek Lloyd, Director 

Mr. Lloyd has 15 yrs experience in operating businesses from concept to production, distribution and sales. He has raised vc capital, financing and has substantial experience in corporate Administration. 

Mr. Lloyd has spent a good portion of the past two years establishing contacts and buyers for sand and aggregate for TM in the Caribbean. Mr. Lloyd is a Board member & serves as the Caribbean General Sales Manager for TM.