Corporate Info
Who Are We?
TIBITI Minerals Inc. (TBT) , is a Canadian public corporation  that intents to be trading on the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE market) and specializes in providing high grade Silica Sand, Aggregate and Brown River Sand to the Construction, Road Building, Block, Grout and Glass making industries in the Caribbean, South, Central and North America.We also supply Frac Sand to the USA and Mexican market. Our supplier mines are located in Guyana and Suriname and have 99.6% pure Silica reserves of over 900.000.000 metric tons.
Silica sand is the most important substance on Earth and the literal foundation of modern civilization. It is an essential core of our daily lives that most of us barely ever think about. Sand, in short, is the essential ingredient that makes modern life possible. For example, approximately 50 kg of Silica sand is used in every car. It is used in TV , computer and cell phones, in concrete, tiles, cosmetics, stucco, toothpaste, water-filters...etc..Consequently, Quartz extraction is absolutely essential for our society.
Our operation philosophy is that of a private company with decentralized management, short and agile decision lines, dividend oriented ,long-term investments views and an outstanding history of relationships with our suppliers, customers, local government officials, shipping lines and employees.
Almost pure natural Silica Sand